And here you are! 

You’ve made a conscious decision to change, to take action towards achieving your goals, empower and heal yourself, and undergo a gloriously radical transformation!     


Welcome to Chrysalis Wellness Institute!  Whether you want to break unhealthy habits, manage chronic pain, alleviate anxiety and stress, recover from Trauma or PTSD, navigate a life transition, or simply want some guidance and direction to discover and live your life purpose; Kari’s soothing, empathetic and accepting manner will put you at ease. Her ability to distill a situation to it’s essence with clarity and incisive observations will help you cut through the noise and mental clutter to your deepest truths and clear outdated beliefs, habits and unsupportive energy patterns which prevent you from living your most fulfilling and authentic life. 

As an Intuitive Therapist, Kari offers an integrated, intuitive and holistic healing approach to help you uncover, articulate, and release the source of your issues. Then she uses a unique combination of Energy Healing,  Spiritual Guidance & Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Imagery, Past Life Regression,  and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to assist you in healing your Body, Mind and Spirit.

The first step towards healing and self empowerment is identifying the underlying causes and conditions of the issues you are having and getting to the truth of why you are where you are in life. At the center of almost every issue is the fundamental truth; that everything in your life is an outward reflection or representation of what’s going on inside, deep within your subconscious. Each and every unhealthy habit or behavior pattern, limiting belief, or fear, has a direct correlation to the state of your internal being.  Think of them as a “karmic mirror”. They are reflecting the attitudes, beliefs, traumatic injuries and thought patterns that have accumulated in your subconscious over a lifetime. These thoughts and beliefs were planted in your subconscious as a result of all your life experiences, whether healthy, or unhealthy, real or perceived, traumatic or loving; these old thoughts and beliefs are literally creating your current reality. 

Is it the life of your dreams? Or your worst nightmare? Or maybe you just need a few tweaks and  minor adjustments? When you truly understand and grasp this fundamental truth, that you create your life from the inside out, you can finally stop trying to initiate change in your external world (people, places and things) where it is ineffective and potentially disastrous, and embrace change internally where it will have the power for total transformation.

Through the use of Intuitive Therapy combined with Energy Healing,  Spiritual Guidance,  Past Life RegressionHypnotherapy, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  we can work on clearing your internal landscape from physical or emotional trauma stored in the body, (whether from this life or a past life), outdated coping mechanisms, limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits and behavior patterns, fears, and whatever else has you “stuck”.

True and lasting transformation cannot happen without embracing the truth, but TRUST is what gets you there. You need an atmosphere of compassion and trust in order to allow yourself to fully engage in the process and accept whatever truths you find. Uncovering the source of your issues is a delicate process requiring trust and the willingness to “let go” and be open and vulnerable for true healing and transformation to occur.   

“The process of shining a light on the truth requires a gentle touch and a safe, nonjudgemental, compassionate and loving environment. That’s where I come in. I’ve been there, done that and I’m not only still standing, I’m solid in my authentic self and rocking my new life!  Resiliency is my middle name. Your secrets and soul are safe with me. I provide a safe, nurturing and respectful space to let your guard down and see what truths are hiding behind the issues, drama, grief, addictions, behaviors, and/or just plain dissatisfaction that has you “stuck”. I will help you discern the truth, shift your perspective and develop a plan to get “unstuck” and back on your road to personal fulfillment and living the life you were meant to live.”

Once we have established trust and uncovered the truth, you will need some TOOLS to help you move forward.  I have a big toolbox filled with some really cool tools – everything from Hypnotherapy to Akashic Readings – check out the “Ways to Work with Me” for more details.

I offer individual sessions via phone, Skype, and in person.  (In person appointments available on a limited basis.)

I also offer workshops designed to get you started on the road to self empowerment, fulfillment and spiritual growth.  Check the Workshops page or join our email list to see what’s being offered this year.”

Be patient with yourself but also be fearless in your pursuit of happiness, love, laughter and joy!